We created this site because we are longtime HHN fans and participants. Organizing the history of HHN brings us great pleasure. Many of us contributed to other forums and WIKI sites throughout the years. We set out to create an informational source that is welcoming to all fans. We hope the website proves to be a nice addition to the HHN community. We're not here to compete with any other sites or forums. We're here for the fun of it!!! While we've had our emotional "ups-and-downs" with HHN at various points throughout its history....we can't deny that we love HHN and we're in for the long haul!

We will remain focused on the EVENT here at HHNCrypt. Feel free to share your enthusiasm on our Facebook and Twitter pages!!!! No one will judge or harass you at HHNCrypt! We'd like to keep it positive and respectful. Please feel free to email us with questions and comments at any time.

We respect all of the sites that have come before HHNCrypt. We will also respect and support all contributions that come after. There is plenty of room on the internet for everyone to play nicely together. This site welcomes HHN fans (experts and newbies) from everywhere!

The website and forum are not-for-profit archives of information related to Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights. Since this is an archive, information on this site comes from a variety of individuals and web sources. We drew on the old HHNVault archives, the OFFICIAL HHN Websites of the past, several WIKI archives, and our own experiences, contacts, & storehouse of knowledge for information. WIKI and site locations are noted on some pages where information was sourced externally. Please feel free to send us your name if you would like personal credit for something you added to a WIKI. We'd be happy add your name! HHNCrypt pays homage to the original HHNVault.

The core HHN Crypt website opened online on November 6, 2010. We reached over 28,000 visitors by the end of the year!! We reached nearly 500,000 visitors shortly after our one year anniversary. We subsequently added Facebook and Twitter to our website. We reached nearly 2,500 Facebook likes and earned close to 300 Twitter followers as we approached our second anniversary! We'd like to thank you for your support! In 2012, we earned 2nd place in Behind The Thrills "Fansite of the Year" Poll. (MiceChat won first place.)

Our main website received its first redesign during the summer of 2016. At the time of the redesign, the main site had seen over 1 million visitors!

New sections and material will be added regularly. We would love submissions from anyone in the HHN Community! This is a perpetual work in progress. Information will be updated and polished on a continued basis. Please feel free to contact us with details, ideas and suggestions. We are also happy to make corrections. It is no small feat to organize over 20 years of information! Your help is needed! Our goal is to make sure every detail is true and accurate.

 Everyone is welcome! We are happy to promote ALL websites, WIKIS and forums related to HHN Orlando! Feel free to share ideas and opinions. Need to use something from our site??? We'd be happy to share if you drop us an email letting us know what you need.

We believe that diversity, varied opinions and sharing will create an open and awesome HHN community!

Many thanks to the creative and marketing teams at Universal! We appreciate all you do to make this such a fun and memorable event for all involved!



This website deals with an event that features horror films and horror related thematic elements. This website, its galleries, and its social media may be too intense for young children! You are welcome to cease accessing the site at any time if the images or content cause you dissatisfaction!! 

This is a nonprofit website. No infringement for profit on any copyright is intended. This website does not sell advertising space or solicit monetary donations in any way.


The purpose of this site is for archival and educational purposes only. Midnight Syndicate music is used with permission. "The Skull" graphic is used with permission.

If you are looking to contact HHNCrypt for general questions, comments or concerns, you may do so by sending an e-mail directly to the address below.

Please be patient, as not all inquiries are answered immediately.


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WARNING: This website, its galleries, and its social media may be too intense for young children!

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