The Director

(Paul "Paulo" Ravinski)

Original Icon - Halloween Horror Nights XIII (2003)

The Director, also known by his real name Paulo Ravinski, was the main icon at Halloween Horror Nights XIII.
Paulo Ravinksi was a motion picture director who was born in Europe. He liked to film movies that showed true pain and horror. He would torture his actors and murder them in ways so brutal and violent, that his films were banned in almost every country. Critics and law enforcement agencies call it snuff cinema. Ravinski prefers to label is as "art."

Paulo's life in film began when picked up his father's camera at the age of only 8 years old. He got in trouble because he was wasting film. He would shoot birds with a BB gun and when he would see them fall out of the trees he would film them flittering.
His first project was a controversial feature known as "The Widow's Eye". The film shocked so many in his country that Ranvinski was forced out, which is when he came to America.
The story goes that someone found tamer examples of his work on the internet. These were films with titles such as "The Blood Letting" and "Death Procession" These experimental films were brought to the attention of the Universal Studios Orlando HHN creative team.

Paulo was hired by Universal Orlando, oblivious to the full extent of his background, to film his newest Horror film at their Islands of Adventure park. During Halloween of 2003, he turned each area of the park into a real horror movie as part of his dream project.

The Director appeared in the show Infestation at the 2003 Halloween Horror Nights XIII. He tortured a park guest by having a poisonous insect or arachnid placed on their head.

He also appeared in his own haunted house, All Nite Die-In, where he could be seen in the first scene of the maze standing beside a drive-in screen. The other sections of the house were based on his personal "cuts" of four Horror films: "Halloween", "Friday the 13th", "A Nightmare on Elm Street" and "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre".
For the following 2004 event, Halloween Horror Nights XIV, The Director appeared in the haunted house Horror Nights Nightmares alongside Jack, the Caretaker and Eddie Schmidt.

At the 2006 Halloween Horror Nights: Sweet 16, the Director returned as one of the event icons. He was featured at the show The Arrival with fellow Horror icons Jack, Caretaker and The Storyteller. He also appeared in the sequel to his 2003 house, All Nite Die-In: Take 2, where he presented a new "cut" of four more Horror features: "The Ring", "Hellraiser", "Scream" and "The Silence of the Lambs".

The Director appeared once again in the HHN - Icons scarezone at HHN25.

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