Eddie Schmidt

(Edward Sawyer)

Original Icon/Unused - Halloween Horror Nights XI: I.C.U. (2001)

Edgar Sawyer was to have been the original the icon for Halloween Horror Nights 2001.
Unfortunately, Halloween Horror Nights XI was a year in the history of Halloween Horror Nights that had to be softened due to the events of September 11th, 2001. Universal and the Horror Nights team decided to cut the gore and violence down to a tasteful minimum in order to be respectful of the national consciousness of the time.
The event saw changes in the names, descriptions, and overall execution of houses and scarezones. "The Festival of the Dead Parade" became "Nightmares on Parade," "Slasher Alley" changed to "Nightmare Alley," "Bloodbath Underground" became the "Ooze Zone," and many other name changes were involved. An original event pamphlet can be found below.
T-Shirts and marketing elements with "Jack the Clown" were brought in to replace Eddie as the icon for the event. Both icons could be seen in the marketing campaign leading up to the event. It was not unlikely to see Jack on one advertisement and Eddie on another as the markeing department attempted to manifest the change in direction for the event.

This is the original event pamphlet for HHN 11. It contains the original artwork and titles for the event's attractions.

 The venerable HHNVault did an interview with J. Michael Roddy related to the event. The following are highlights from the interview:


"Eddie was originally a depraved individual with a real love of horror films. His love of the genre mixed with his lunacy would give him a real edge to designing horror mazes. Then we were attacked by terrorists and the Halloween event changed; Eddie became Jack's brother".
"Eddie was originally going to be a real threat to Jack. He would have carried a decapitated clown head and the slogan for the event would have been HALLOWEEN HORROR NIGHTS - NO MORE CLOWNING AROUND. But then all gore and blood references were removed due to sensitivity. Red Blood became green goop...
"He was more of a real threat. Based a little more in the human world as opposed to the supernatural elements that layered Jack and the Caretaker's stories. He also used real instruments - a chainsaw".
"Each Halloween, it was always our plan to have one of the mazes reflect the back-story of the icon - Jack was a part of THE FEARHOUSE - The Caretaker was part of SCREAMHOUSE. Eddie was going to star in RUN. He was also going to be part of the Chainsaw Drill team". - J. Michael Roddy



From the Universal Creative conceptual description:
We find ourselves in a dark room, perhaps a basement somewhere. We can barely see the form standing in front of us. A flash illuminates the figure. We see a glint of steel. Was it the blade of a chainsaw?
Another flash, we see a silver muzzle, screwed into the flesh of this person's face. 
Another flash of light blinds us, becoming more disorienting. We see a pale white eye staring at us with no emotion. Suddenly we hear the loud roar of a chainsaw, feeling the intensity as it cuts through the air. One last blinding flash of light allows us to see an image of pure terror. 

 Young Edgar Sawyer was a fanatic about horror movies and television shows, growing up on a steady diet of schlock theatre and Classic Universal horror. His family life was a real nightmare and as he grew up, he took solace in his friends in the dark. Living in a broken down trailer park, Edgar would create wonderful escapes in his mind and through the movies.
The slasher films of the eighties played a huge role in shaping Edgar's fragile mind. He began to admire the screen icons of horror, memorizing every word, knowing every body count.
At the age of eighteen, Edgar decided to turn his trailer park into a haunted house for locals to experience the fun and thrills that he so adored. A group of local teens with mischief on their minds decided to destroy Edgar's work.
They set a small fire in the park, not knowing that the obsessed teen was home. The trailer park was engulfed in flames, trapping Edgar inside. He was terribly disfigured, forever scarred by the severe burns on his face and hands. He regressed even further into his obsession, donning a mask and becoming EDGAR DICE SLAY.
This year Edgar has grown bored with the normal Halloween offerings and has decided to take over Universal Studios, creating the most terrifying place on earth to share his love of the darker side of life.
His new chill rides will give you the opportunity to scream and scream again. He's also brought a few friends along to guarantee that you will have the time of your life.
But be careful of this young man, he will spare no expense to create the perfect scare. This year, there's no more clowning around!


Eddie wasn't seen "in the flesh" until 2004 during Halloween Horror Nights XIV where he appeared in the haunted house "Horror Nights Nightmares" alongside Jack the Clown, The Caretaker and The Director.

In 2006, for Halloween Horror Nights XVI: Sweet 16, Eddie appeared in his own haunted house for the first time, RUN: Hostile Territory.

At the 2010 Halloween Horror Nights XX: Twenty Years of Fear, Eddie appeared in the Fear Revealed Scare Zone and at the end of the haunted house, Horror Nights: The Hallow'd Past.

Eddie returned for Halloween Horror Nights 25. He was seen in Jack Presents: 25 Years of Monsters and Mayhem and in the ICONS – HHN scarezone.

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