Bloody Mary

(Dr. Mary Agana))

Original Icon - Halloween Horror Nights XVIII: Reflections of Fear (2008)



Mary Worthington, a school teacher in the small town of Carey, Ohio, is killed on August 27, 1908 as a result of a Halloween prank orchestrated by the school handyman, Aldridge Kesterson. Six students (Louise Hatfield, George Von Stebler, Shawn McPherson, Jim Deedle, Alice Dodgson, and Jeremiah Kubsch) were also involved in the mysterious death of their teacher; one student, Thornton Kesterson, was not present due to the persistent goading by his father, Aldridge.


The schoolmaster, Mr. Renshaw, found his schoolhouse in complete disarray with blood and shards of glass scattered across the room. Although suspected murdered, Mrs. Worthington's body was never found, and was classified missing.


Marie W. Agana, daughter of the unfortunate Mary Worthington, dies on June 20, 1958.


Dr. Mary Agana, daughter of Marie W. Agana, receives a letter from Alexander Pohl, her family attorney, that informs her of the wishes of her late mother. Mary will receive several valuable silver heirlooms that originally belonged to her grandmother, Mary Worthington. Most notably, Mary receives a silver jewelry box/music box that seems to possess her over time.

On June 25, 1958, Mary receives a letter from the National Association of Mental Health that informs her that the board members of the NAMH have denied funding for her immersive fear therapy program. Dr. Gustav Heim, the director of the NAMH, states within the letter that he is disturbed that Dr. Mary Agana may proceed with her plan regardless.


Dr. Agana opens up her own facility, Living Fearlessly: Specialized Treatments for Fear Based Ailments, in 1958 to begin her immersive therapy program. She hires assistants from a local facility, that are believed to be ex-cons or mental patients.

Over the course of a few months, Mary sees several patients and discovers new ways to "cure" them of their fears and phobias. However, due to the disappearance of Charlie McPherson, a freelance photographer hired by private investigator Boris Shuster, Shuster begins an investigation into Dr. Mary Agana and her clinic. As patients begin to disappear from the clinic, Boris begins to wonder what really goes on inside of Dr. Agana's practice.

Mary begins to suspect she is being watched, perhaps by Boris, as well as by her grandmother Mary Worthington through the mirror. Shuster makes an appointment with Dr. Mary Agana on August 27, 1958 to discover the truth behind the mysterious psychiatrist. On this night, Mary Agana is brutally murdered, supposedly by Boris Shuster, but her body was never found (it was later dicovered that the murderer was a man named David Gronoll, a boxer/ ex- con who was either one of her patients or one of the assistants who worked for her).


Some believe that the spirit of "Bloody Mary," none other than Mary's grandmother Mary Worthington, had been gradually possessing Dr. Mary Agana since she inherited her heirlooms in June of 1958.

In 2008, Legendary Truth: The Collective, which was started by Boris Shuster back in 1958, begins an investigation into the disappearance of Mary Agana. Collective field operatives collect information and visit Dr. Agana's office, which is still in utter disarray since her brutal death. At 11:03 pm on August 27, 2008, a manifestation of "Bloody Mary" is detected by the field agents, whom were never heard from again. Calvin Thorncastle, CEO of Legendary Truth: The Collective, quickly dispatches new operatives into Mary Agana's world to collect additional information on the doctor and her relationship to "Bloody Mary" and the seven patients that fell victim to her treatments.



Mary appears live in 2008 at the "media-only" Opening Scare-A-Monies for Halloween Horror Nights XVIII.

During the 2008 Halloween Horror Nights Event, general public experienced Mary on a large LED screen that was placed at the entrance to the park. Looking like a mirror, Mary would talk from it taunting guests to enter her world. Periodically she would break out of the mirror-like screen, screaming as she did so. Additionally, Mary appeared in a number of the mazes.

She was seen as a ghostly apparition in The Hallow and Scary Tales: Once Upon a Nightmare. Her picture appeared in the static of a television screen in Creatures! and on a monitor in Interstellar Terror.


During the 2008 event, guests visited Dr. Agana's office in the Reflections of Fear maze, where both of Mary's personalities were manifested.

Mary made appearances in the HHN - ICONS scarezone at HHN25.

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