The Storyteller

(Elsa Strict)

Original Icon - Halloween Horror Nights XV: Tales of Terror (2005)


The Storyteller (Elsa Strict) was introduced in 2005 as the narrator for Halloween Horror Nights: Tales of Terror.
Elsa told her tales, hypnotizing her listeners and transporting them right into the story of the 2005 event.
Elsa shared the story which would weave through each show, house and scarezone guests would encounter once inside the gates of the 2005 event.
Every part of Elsa's story was part of an elaborate backstory that served as the backbone for a heavily unified and tightly themed 2005 event.

Once inside the event, the Storyteller met guests during a brief appearance in the "Where Evil Hides" haunted house.

The Storyteller had spun her tales outside the park. Her storytelling, including the tale of the Terra Queen and Terra Creuntus, came alive inside the park. The Terra Queen became the main master of horror inside the gates.


The Terra Queen held court over Terra Cruentus. Terra Cruentas was a dark, hideous realm of unspoken terrors that led to the demise of thousands of human-beings during the "Season of the Queen" - in order to forge a blade that would eventually be used for the Terra Queen's own sacrifice.

The Terra Queen would often be spotted driving her motorcycle in front of her throne - capturing unlucky victims that she would "sacrifice" in many different and painful ways to the giant Gorewood tree. Each night of the event planted actors were brought up to the Terra Throne and sacrificed to The Queen. Their blood was made into Bloodberry Wine. 

Guests entered through Terra Guard Run(Port of Entry), which was a melting pot of the people of Terra Cruentas. Characters from every island were featured scaring guests as they entered. The Queen herself was a dictator who rode a motorcycle featuring wings and the head of a wolf/bull hybrid. She ruled from her Terra Throne (Port of Entry Landing), a twisted tree forged of blood and steel by the hard workers of the Cemetery Mines who are in Gorewood Forest (Jurassic Park). Her source of power was a blade, called the Terra Throne Blade , which was used during human sacrifices, which were needed to satisfy her and continue her rule over the land. The blade was forged in the Fire Pits (Lost Continent ). The bodies of these sacrifices were given to the Body Collectors (Jurassic Park Discovery Center), who took them apart and kept only what could be salvaged.

While the workers worked, the children of Terra Cruentas terrorized The Skool (Thunder Falls Terrace), especially around the Season of the Queen, a time of ritual in Terra Cruentas. While most of the realms worked, the realm of Iron Bone Gorge a.k.a. Blood Thunder Alley (Marvel Superhero 'Island) roared to life with passionate vice, as the demons inhabiting the world lured guests to celebrate the resurrection of the queen through drinking of the Bloodberry Wine and escaping to the local Demon Cantina (Carnage Warehouse), where guests could be terrorized by the vampiric assailants who drank there. Beyond "Maldakken Pass" (an area of vendors and derelict props) lay the "tests" of fear: Blood Ruins (Soundstage 22), Where Evil Hides (Soundstage 18 and Soundstage 19), and Cold Blind Terror (Soundstage 20). 
At the end of the event, on the final night at the stroke of midnight, the Queen herself was sacrificed to the tree, thus ending the month-long "Season of the Queen."

The Storyteller was the marketing icon for the 2005 Halloween Horror Nights: Tales of Terror. She also appeared in the "Where Evil Hides" haunted house. 
Elas was featured alongside Jack, Caretaker and The Director in the show The Arrival at Halloween Horror Nights: Sweet 16 in 2006. She also appeared in a new house, unrelated to "Where Evil Hides ", called Dungeon of Terror: Retold. This was where Elsa reopened the infamous Dungeon of Terror as a tourist attraction, and invited guests into the depths of her newest "story".
She returned as part of the 2010 Halloween Horror Nights XX: Twenty Years of Fear as one of Fear's heralds. She was revealed to be "Legend". SHe appeared in the area between the HHN: 20 Years of Fear Scarezone and the Fear Revealed Scarezone. She also appeared at the end of the haunted house, Horror Nights: The Hallow'd Past.

The Storyteller made her most recent appearance in the HHN - ICONS scarezone at HHN25.

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