Official #HHN27 Website Updated!

The official #HHN27 website was updated with a video teaser and a 30+ day countdown to a 'larger reveal'?!?!?

You can also sign up to join the 'Soul Collectors'.

Sign up is allowed until the countdown on the site runs out in about a month. The Soul Collectors seems to be something similar to 'Jack's Maniacs'. It is a social media based participation challenge at this point. After you sign up, click the REAP buttons to share on Twitter & Facebook.

Don't forget to revisit the site after you sign up and share! You will get a welcome back message, new information, and access to wallpaper downloads. There are also other boxes to be unlocked in the future!

It appears that those involved with this year's social media enticement might be invited to a social media meet-up event and/or receive some token/s of participation.

The countdown is on! Go collect souls!

Website: Teaser Video:

#HalloweenHorrorNights27 #SoulCollectors #HHN27

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WARNING: This website, its galleries, and its social media may be too intense for young children!

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