Are We Really "In The Dark" About #HHN27?

We present our attempt to make everyone feel a little bit better about the wait for #HHN27 details. (Hey....we're trying!) :)

Our friend, Brian S., shared a spreadsheet of release dates he's collected for the last several years. If you look at the information release dates for prior years, you'll see that we're not really "more in the dark" about HHN plans than during past years! If the HHN 27 reveal comes at the end of the "Soul Collectors" countdown, we're actually in for an earlier August reveal than in previous years!

In addition to the attached spreadsheet cells, I looked back to HHN 21. We knew only one maze (The Thing) on July 19th. Website games were activated throughout August. The full website and the reveal of the rest of the mazes and scarezones did not occur until a midnight reveal on August 30th!

For HHN 22, we knew about only 4 mazes prior to the website reveal on August 30th!

For HHN 23, we had 3 mazes (Evil Dead, TWD & Cabin in the Woods) announced prior to the reveal week from August 12-16th! The full website & event details were not up until August 29th that year!

For #HHN27, we know 2 mazes and we have a countdown that points to a reveal of more significant details during the first week of August! That puts us on target with previous years! Nothing is off, afoot, or amiss! We are right there with you! We are dying for the details too!

The A&D crew and UO marketing are working hard to make an event we will all love! They do have to coordinate certain IP details with Hollywood. The teams get just as frustrated when they find out there are kinks in the line that prevent them from sharing information with us! There are small issues, tweaks and changes that happen every year! Social media can elevate those changes and make them appear to be cataclysmic problems.

They have to try to keep a lot of people happy! They have to contend with people who desire icon vs no icon, TWD vs no TWD, original houses vs IP/movie based houses, upcharge house vs no upcharge house....and the list goes on and on.

So....we hope this information and the data Brian S. carefully collected helps ease your worries! We're all still going to freak out a little bit until the full reveal....but then the wait really is half the fun....isn't it?!?!?! Take deep breaths! Deep breaths!!


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