Orlando Announces End Of Bill & Ted Show! #HHN27 Is Farewell Tour!

Farewell Bill & Ted! Universal confirms that the Bill & Ted show will end its 26 year run at #HHN27

Jason Horne, writer of the show for the last 7 years, said this about the last year for the Bill & Ted Show....

"Over the years, this show has morphed and shifted to fit with the changing tides of pop-culture. But at its heart, it has remained true to its nature. The Wyld Stallyns, from San Dimas—and their time-travelling phone booth—find themselves in the middle of pop-culture-parody chaos and must somehow save the world yet again. But now the time has come for these most outstanding dudes to find adventure in other places and other times."

The show has had its highs and lows. Reviews over the last few years have been mixed. It is not clear if the show is ending because it is long in the tooth, because of park logistics, or a combination of factors.

There was no confirmation indicating that the Fear Factor theater might be closing due to future park expansion. Rumors have been swirling about the closure of Fear Factor due to a Harry Potter expansion or other new attraction. Time will tell! Closure of the theater would mean the end of Fear Factor Live as well.

Could we see HHN move to IOA or possibly a dual-park HHN in the near future? It might be a necessity as expansion and the resulting construction heats up???

Regardless....Bill & Ted will end its run. (It ended years ago in Hollywood!) Some are sad & others believe the show was stale and overstayed its welcome.

Read the full announcement here: 


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