HHN28 'Teaser Map' Update!

Halloween Horror Nights 28 “Teaser Map” Update…

This is our annual HHN teaser map. We’ve pieced together clues and officially announced information to pre-place the attractions for #HHN28.


5 of the haunted houses (2 IP-based houses and 3 original-concept houses) have been officially announced. We’re awaiting the announcement of 5 remaining houses. The unannounced mazes/haunted houses look to be a mix of IP-based and original-concept houses.

Please Note: The specific locations of each maze & the maze entrance locations should be taken as ‘educated guesses’ at this point. We’re unclear about where B108 will enter & exit. We are aware that other sites have released maps with the names of unreleased houses. We will add the houses to the map when they are OFFICIALLY RELEASED!

Mazes/Haunted Houses:

A) Stranger Things – Soundstage 22

B) TBA – Soundstage 25

C) Carnival Graveyard – Soundstage 24B

D) TBA – Soundstage 24A

E) TBA – MIB Queue/Tent #3

F) Slaughter Sinema – Sprung Tent #2

G) Dead Exposure: Patient Zero – Sprung Tent #1

H) TBA – B108 Parade Building #2

I) Trick ‘r Treat – B79 Parade Building

J) TBA – Shrek Theater #2

All scarezones have been officially announced. The locations should be accurate. The “size” of each scarezone may need to be tweaked.


K) VAMP ’85 – New York Streets Area

L) Killer Klowns from Outer Space – South Street Area (This predicted location may change! Stay tuned!)

M) Twisted Tradition – Central Park Area

N) Revenge of Chucky – Hollywood Street Area

O) The Harvest – Plaza of the Stars Area


Q) Academy of Villains (Predicted for Fear Factor Stage)


1-6) It appears as though Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit, Transformers, Revenge of the Mummy, Escape from Gringotts, MIB Alien Attack, The Simpsons Ride, and Fast & Furious Supercharged will be operating during the event.

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