Buns On Citywalk!

Are you HUNGRY for buns?

"Bend The Bao" is now open at Universal Orlando Citywalk! It is on the 2nd level adjacent to the Universal Cinemark theatre.

The new quick service restaurant offers Asian inspired takes on a variety of popular ingredients in order to create yummy bao buns! Bao buns are steamed buns stuffed with a variety of flavorful ingredients. You'll find them filled with shrimp, friend chicken, duck, pork belly, crab cakes, and more.

You can purchase 2 Bao for $11.99. It is $4.49 for an additional bao.

Here are the current bun options that have been crafted for the opening menu at "Bend The Bao":

-Veggie Bao with roasted oyster mushrooms, spinach, sweet potato, caramelized onion, smoked ricotta cheese, and tomatillo salsa

-Crab Cake Bao with Maryland-style crab cake, shredded lettuce, and mustard aioli

-Duck Bao with braised duck, kimchee slaw, XO sauce, cilantro and five spice aioli

-Shrimp Bao with fried shrimp, shredded cabbage, avocado, pico de gallo, and chipotle crema

-Beef Brisket Bao with beef brisket, fried jalapeno, pickled red onion, cilantro, avocado lime crema

-Kimchee FC Bao with kimchee fried chicken, kimchee butter, gochujang, cucumber, scallion, siracha aioli

-Pork Belly Bao with pork belly, scallions, cucumber, honey roasted peanuts, cilantro

Beverages include sake ($9.00-$11.00), beer ($8.25-$9.00), wine ($8.50-$10.00), and soda, tea and water ($4.49-$5.00).

You can enjoy the "buns" daily from 10:30/11:00 AM to 11:00 PM.