2000 (HHN 10)


Halloween Horror Nights X


Universal Studios


"Not Afraid of the Dark? You don't know Jack!"


Jack the Clown (aka Jack Schmidt/The Ringmaster)


October 6-7, 12-15, 19-31 (2000)


Non-Peak Nights Sun.-Thurs.: 7:00 PM - 12:00 AM

Peak Nights Fri.-Sat.: 7:00 PM - 2:00 AM

Event operates rain or shine.


General Admission Ticket: $44.00

House #1 Name: Anxiety in 3D

House Location: Soundstage 22 (SS22)

House Description: Enter the 3-D virtual reality of The House That Jack Built, and find yourself trapped in a malfunctioning 3-D video game.

House #2 Name: Total Chaos

House Location: Soundstage 22 (SS22)

House Description: Wander through a top secret underground military base where captured aliens are on the loose and thirsting for blood.

House #3 Name: The Fearhouse

House Location: Nazarman's

House Description: Try and make your way through a carnival where mirrored hallways, darkened corridors and hideous creatures make your escape unlikely.

House #4 Name: Universal Classic Monster Mania

House Location: Earthquake Queue (B67)

House Description: Experience "reel" terror as classic movie monsters are transformed into hideously gruesome and grotesque abominations.

House #5 Name: Dark Torment

House Location: Earthquake Queue (B67)

House Description: After riding Earthquake, you'll descend to the labyrinths of a nightmarish underworld where hordes of evil demons torment you at every turn.

All throughout the Studio there were a variety of gruesome and gory street performances. You may have been lucky enough to 'star' in one!

There were also 4 distinct scarezones.

Scarezone #1 Name: Apocalypse Island

Scarezone Location: Central Park

Scarezone Description: The apocalypse

Scarezone #2 Name: Clown Attack

Scarezone Location: Hollywood

Scarezone Description: Clowns

Scarezone #3 Name: The Gauntlet

Scarezone Location: The Boneyard

Scarezone Description: A maze.

Scarezone #4 Name: Midway of Dr. Morose

Scarezone Location: Amity

Scarezone Description: Freaks and fun.

Nightmare Creatures II

Location: Kongfrontation

Bloody Waters

Location: Jaws

Twister...Ride it Out

The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera

The Horror Make-Up Show

Beetlejuice's Graveyard Revue

Earthquake The Big One

Back to the Future...The Ride

Terminator 2 3D: Battle Across Time

Stage 54

Festival of the Dead Parade

Location: Starts in New York and Ends in Hollywood

Witness "Bloody Nightmares" a macabre parade of demonic dolls and murderous toys unsafe for any age.

Jacked Up

Location: Animal Actors Stage

Take a surreal journey through Jack's twisted imagination, as dazzling acrobatics and cutting edge techno music bring some of your worst nightmares to life.

Bill & Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure IX

Location: Wild West Stage

Party on as those two most excellent time traveling dudes, Bill & Ted, are back again in an ALL NEW adventure.

This year marked the beginning and end of "haunted attractions". "Horror-fied" attractions were also seen in 1992.

This year marked the return of the official event "icon".