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Halloween Horror Nights 18 (2008)

Updated: Feb 6


YEAR: 2008 (HHN 18)


Halloween Horror Nights - Reflections of Fear


Universal Studios


"I Dare You To Say It One More Time..."


Bloody Mary (aka Dr. Mary Agana)


September 26-27, October 2-5, 9-12, 16-19, 22-26, 29-31, November 1 (2008)


Sunday - Thursday/Non-Peak: 6:30 PM - 12:00 AM

Friday and Saturday/Peak: 6:30 PM - 2:00 AM

Event operates rain or shine.


Single Night Adult Admission: $69.99




House #1 Name: Body Collectors: Collections of the Past

House Location: Soundstage 20 (SS20)

House Description: With their history shrouded in legend, “The Collectors”, have been assembling a collection of untold numbers of souls for centuries. Using mass-murders and plagues to cover their ghoulish activities, these ghoulish artisans are constantly searching for the next specimen to add to their macabre museum. But, when there is no plague or Jack “The Ripper,” there are only the Collectors, Collecting…Collecting…

House #2 Name: Creatures!

House Location: Soundstage 22 (SS22)

House Description: Creatures straight from the cover of AtomiComics’ “Strange Tales” burst forth to rampage and massacre the backwoods locals. Join Johnny, Cleet, Jim Deedle and the rest of the gang at the Butchered Buck as they fight off this terrifying invasion of creatures from who knows where.

House #3 Name: Dead Exposure

House Location: Sprung Tent 2

House Description: Charlie McPherson, a noted tabloid photographer, has always wanted something more in life than photographing celebrities at their worst. One night, Charlie gets his wish when the city he resides in becomes overrun with flesh-eating Zombies. Trapped in his downtown loft with bloodthirsty Zombies just outside, Charlie captures the last horror-filled moments of his life on film and you are with him every step of the way.

House #4 Name: Doomsday

House Location: Disaster! Queue (B67)

House Description: Post-apocalyptic Scotland breeds madness as the Reaper virus ravages the populace, leaving those left behind after the plague to survive by any means necessary. Do you have what it takes to make it out alive? – Based on the blockbuster Universal Pictures release.

House #5 Name: The Hallow

House Location: Sprung Tent 1

House Description: Where do the traditions we observe each Halloween come from? It is said that every Halloween within the blackest parts of the forest, Samhain, The Lord of the Underworld, lives again and the souls of the damned beckon you. For if you journey deep enough, you will see that Samhain’s traditions are trapped within The Hallow.

House #6 Name: Interstellar Terror

House Location: Soundstage 20 (SS20)

House Description: Prided among the scientific community as the greatest achievement in the history of mankind, the NSO COLUMBUS 1492 is the first manned spacecraft to leave the relative safety of our solar system. When the ship disappears for several years, and then reappears just outside the orbit of our moon, your rescue team is sent to investigate. They find that an artifact the crew brought on board causes destruction and forces you to witness Interstellar Terror.

House #7 Name: Reflections of Fear

House Location: Jaws Queue (B66)

House Description: Noted Psychiatrist Dr. Mary Agana believed that if a subject was constantly forced to experience what they feared the most, then over time they would become numb to the idea of actually fearing it. Unfortunately for us, Dr. Mary’s fear is that of death and the only way for her to cure herself is to watch the light leave your eyes as your soul leaves your body.

House #8 Name: Scary Tales: Once Upon a Nightmare

House Location: Parade Warehouse (B-79)

House Description: Find yourself “Once Upon a Nightmare” as you wind your way across a landscape filled with cherished fairy tales as they have never been told before. The Evil Queen’s scribes have written new chapters on terror where princesses don’t get saved, children don’t find their way out of the wood and there is no escape from the rabbit hole.


Scare Zone #1 Name: American Gothic

Scare Zone Location: Production Central

Scare Zone Description: Some legends allow a simple man or woman to remain immortal. Some deeds, so dark, take a simple person and transform them into lore. America’s past has been filled with these dark deeds, sorted characters and unbelievable acts of horror. Reflect upon your own mortality as you venture through history with the infamous Lizzie Borden as your guide.

Scare Zone #2 Name: Asylum in Wonderland

Scare Zone Location: Hollywood Boulevard

Scare Zone Description: Stepping through the Looking Glass, you find yourself in the depths of Wonderland, journeying through the nightmare that Alice couldn’t escape. The wonderful figures you once believed to inhabit this fantastical place have been peering into the Looking Glass themselves and have come face to face with Bloody Mary.

Scare Zone #3 Name: Fractured Tales

Scare Zone Location: KidZone

Scare Zone Description: Enter your favorite fairy tales and find out what happens when Grimm goes wrong. Witness these stories through the lens of their reality. Look closely and you will find the terrible truths that lie just below the sweet appearance of these classic tales. You will learn a thing or two about yourself, but by then it may be too late.

Scare Zone #4 Name: The Path of the Wicked

Scare Zone Location: Plaza of the Stars

Scare Zone Description: What if the Wicked Witch had won? Because every story has more than a few sides, view OZ as it has never been seen before. In this reflection, The Wicked Witch of the West has done away with Dorothy and seized control of the merry old land of OZ for herself.

Scare Zone #5 Name: The Skoolhouse

Scare Zone Location: Mel's Drive-In

Scare Zone Description: Mr. Renshaw’s class has always been good. Mr. Renshaw’s class has never broken the rules. Mr. Renshaw’s class has always been perfect little angels. All of that changes when the kids from the Skoolhouse “cut” class. The children of the quaint town of Carey, Ohio are out to teach everyone that their version of Trick or Treat may be the difference between your life and death.

Scare Zone #6 Name: Streets of Blood: Body Collectors

Scare Zone Location: New York Streets

Scare Zone Description: An ancient group known simply as “The Body Collectors” has been devoted to the collection and sacrificing of bodies for millennia. They have escaped notoriety by using plagues, wars, serial killings and mass disappearances as the cover for their collecting. These mysterious “Quiet Gentlemen” are now in Victorian London, covering their heinous acts with Jack “The Ripper” as their scapegoat. But, there is no “Ripper”…There are only Collectors, collecting, collecting, collecting…


Men in Black: Alien Attack

The Simpsons Ride

Revenge of the Mummy


Disaster! A Major Motion Picture Ride... Starring You!


Brian Brushwood

Location: Animal Actors Stage

Based on his popularity as a part of last year’s Freak Show, Brian Brushwood returns, but this time, with his own show. Full of the most intense, riveting and disturbing feats you’ve ever seen performed live, this year, Brian will take his performance to a whole new level, presenting some of his signature acts in his own show.

Bill & Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure XVII

Location: Fear Factor Live Theater

Bill S. Preston Esq. and Ted Theodore Logan return with an all-new, especially excellent Halloween adventure featuring a who’s who of notorious celebrity guest stars.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show: A Tribute

Location: Beetlejuice Stage

Mad scientist Dr. Frank-N-Furter, Rocky Horror and other famous Rocky Horror Picture Show characters return, bringing the musical mayhem of the classic horror spoof to life on-screen and on-stage with live performers singing and dancing in outrageous costumes. The tribute will be interactive with audience participation and on-stage guest involvement.


Bloody Mary vanished after this year's event. The fan community reports that it is due to a copyright dispute.


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