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Halloween Horror Nights 25 (2015)

Updated: Feb 6



2015 (HHN 25)


Halloween Horror Nights 25


Universal Studios


"Jack's Back"

"25 Years of Fear"


Jack the Clown (aka Chaos)


September 18-19 & 24-27 October 1-4, 7-11, 14-18, 21-25, & 28-31 November 1 (2015)


6:30 PM - 1:00 AM: September 18-19 & 24-27, October 1, 7, 14, & 21, & November 1

6:30 PM-2:00 AM: October 2-4, 8-11, 15-18, 22-25, & 28-31

Event operates rain or shine.


Tickets for HHN25 went on sale on June 10, 2015.

General Admission Ticket: $101.99

HHN Express: $69.99-$119.99

Rush of Fear: $83.99

Frequent Fear: $94.99

Frequent Fear Plus: $110.99

Rush of Fear + HHN Express: $219.99

Frequent Fear + HHN Express: $234.99

Frequent Fear Plus + HHN Express: $279.99

FYI: The on-sale date for tickets for last year (2014) was:

General Admission & Multi-Night Tickets: June 9, 2014




"Be immersed in the worlds of the biggest names in horror as you explore 9 terrifying haunted houses, each remarkably themed and detailed by Universal’s designers and special effects wizards. As you explore every cut-throat corridor of our monstrous mazes, you’re just one scream away from a gruesome end."

House #1 Name: The Walking Dead: The Living and the Dead

House Location: Parade Warehouse (B79)

House Description: From the burnt ashes of Terminus, through the flooded community food pantry basement, and into the darkened churchyard, hordes of walkers surround you as you relive gut-wrenching moments of the most recent season.

House #2 Name: RUN: Blood, Sweat, and Fears

House Location: Disaster Overflow Queue (B67)

House Description: You’ve just been selected as a contestant on RUN, a brutal TV show where everyday people are stalked by skilled assassins. Just remember: the more horrifying your death, the higher the ratings.

House #3 Name: THE PURGE

House Location: Sprung Tent 1

House Description: This year's Purge is more brutal than ever. From the moment you step inside the house, dozens of vicious vigilantes will descend upon you as they exercise their right to purge.

House #4 Name: Insidious

House Location: Sprung Tent 2

House Description: Enter “The Further” and travel through all three parts of the Insidious saga. Denizens of the afterlife try to find their way back into the world using the living to guide them. The house isn't haunted--we are.

House #5 Name: Freddy vs. Jason™

House Location: Soundstage 24B (SS24B)

House Description: From the cursed Camp Crystal Lake to the nightmarish 1428 Elm Street, awake or asleep, you'll find yourself caught in the middle of this epic battle -- where the winner's reward is YOU.

House #6 Name: Body Collectors - Recollections

House Location: Soundstage 24A (SS24A)

House Description: The Body Collectors have returned, descending upon Shadybrook Asylum to collect the human parts they require. Screams echo the hallways as a blizzard rages outside while sharpened blades swirl inside.

House #7 Name: An American Werewolf in London V2.0

House Location: Soundstage 22 (SS22)

House Description: Step into John Landis' landmark 1981 horror classic. From the attack on the English moors to the bone-crunching transformation, it's one of the most popular houses in Halloween Horror Nights® history.

House #8 Name: Asylum In Wonderland 3D

House Location: Shrek Theater 2 (40D)

House Description: Follow the white rabbit through the looking glass and into a murderous 3D Wonderland. Is this world all in Alice's mind or are the images we see real enough to kill us?

House #9 Name: Jack Presents: 25 Years of Monsters and Mayhem

House Location: Soundstage 21 (SS21)

House Description: Relive the most terrifying moments of the past 25 years as Jack releases our catalogue of creatures in one maze. You'll be attacked by Universal classic monsters, meat-grinding maniacs and the fiends of Horror Nights past. "25 Years of Monsters and Mayhem! The title says it all You are going to walk through scenes from the past! Forsaken! Nightingales! And more! Also this maze is our largest!!"


There will be 5 scare zones plus Roaming Hordes at Halloween Horror Nights 25.

"The streets of Universal Studios Florida® theme park come alive with hordes of horrifying mutants, monsters and maniacs. Make your way through 5 nightmarish scare zones where gory and grotesque creatures lurk around every turn. Don’t let your guard down or it just might be the last thing you ever do."

Scare Zone #1 Name: Scary Tales – ScreamPunk

Scare Zone Location: Avenue/Plaza of the Stars

Scare Zone Description: Classic fairytale characters get a sinister Scary Tale twist immersed in the wicked world of steam punk.

Scare Zone #2 Name: Psychoscareapy – Unleashed

Scare Zone Location: New York Streets

Scare Zone Description: The criminally insane inmates of Shadybrook Asylum have escaped and stumbled upon a Halloween Block party in the streets of New York. They quickly decide they’d kill for some costumes of their own.

Scare Zone #3 Name: All Nite Die-In – Double Feature

Scare Zone Location: San Francisco/Disaster Area

Scare Zone Description: The Carey Drive-In movie theatre has been closed for decades after grisly murders during a double feature. It’s lights, camera, carnage as the theater nicknamed “Die-In” by the locals lives up to its name.

Scare Zone #4 Name: ICONS – HHN

Scare Zone Location: Hollywood Boulevard

Scare Zone Description: The eeriest icons and most cadaverous characters of the last 25 years of Halloween Horror Nights® have returned. The Caretaker, The Storyteller, The Director, The Usher and more are back to relive every monstrous memory.

Scare Zone #5 Name: Evil's Roots

Scare Zone Location: Central Park

Scare Zone Description: Your darkest fears will take root amidst the perilous paths of Central Park as you face evil fairies, humanoid bats, scarecrows and more horrors.


"The evil genius of hosting the nation's premier Halloween event inside Universal Studios Florida is that if you survive the monster and mayhem, you'll make it to the rides. Climb aboard. Buckle up. Hang on tight and get ready, because we hand-picked these thrilling beasts to top off your terror with someone our favorite screams."


Prepare for the greatest battle you'll ever ride. The new TRANSFORMERS: The Ride–3D is an ultra-immersive, next generation thrill ride that blurs the line between fiction and reality.


Adrenaline pumping and music thumping, you'll start climbing straight up. A moment later, you'll be screaming down a high speed.


You'll plummet in total darkness, plagued by fireballs, swarms of beetles and an army of mummies on this roller coaster unlike anything that's come before it.


Board your training vehicle and take aim at "the scum of the universe" who have escaped from their intergalactic prison transport.


Ride along with The Simpsons™ as they fly, float, and crash their way through Krustyland, the low-budget theme park created by Krusty The Clown.

Harry Potter and the Escape From Gringotts™

Get ready for unforgettable thrills when you enter Gringotts™ bank and find yourself swept into a breathtaking, mind-blowing, 3D multi-dimensional ride!


There were 2 "Live" Shows at Halloween Horror Nights 25.

"From show-stopping satire to a heart-stopping gore-fest, our 2 outrageous live shows will leave you screaming for more. As you enjoy a break from the mayhem outside, don't get too cozy. Remember, there's no rest for the wicked."

The 24th Annual Bill & Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure

Party on as those two most excellent dudes return to skewer the biggest names in entertainment and pop culture.

Location: Fear Factor Stage

The Carnage Returns

Jack the Clown is taking Halloween Horror Nights® back in a blaze of murderous mayhem with his army of feared followers and his companion in carnage, Chance. Remember, Jack always has the last laugh.

Location: Mel's Die-In Area Stage


October 31, 2014 - HHN 24 Highlights video is released. The video is also a teaser for #HHN25. Dates are revealed and the revelation that Jack the Clown will be back (in some capacity) for HHN25 is revealed.

March 5, 2015 - New dates are announced. HHN25 will run from 9/18-11/1. The official HHN website is also updated to the HHN25 "generic" website.

May 19, 2105 - Jack is OFFICIALLY back! Phone calls to media herald the return of "Chaos" to #HHN25. The official website is updated with the #HHN25 teaser site. A 30 night calendar is revealed. 9 mazes, 5 scare zones, roaming hordes, and 2 shows are also announced.

June 10, 2015 - Freddy vs Jason house announced and tickets go on sale!

July 16, 2015 - Insidious house announced.

July 28, 2015 - #HHN25 Sweepstakes is offered. You are taken to a page that lists the following 4 dates in "locked boxes".....

Tuesday, August 4th

Tuesday, August 11th

Tuesday, August 18th

Tuesday, August 25th

Will these be the dates of house or scare zone reveals?

July 30, 2015 - The Walking Dead (Season 5) house announced.

August 17, 2015 - The Purge returns to #HHN25. This year it will be an immersive maze serving as a follow-up to 2014's Purge scare zone.

August 27, 2015 - Full event details revealed at 12:00 as the clock switched from the 26th to the 27th.....what a wonderful "witching hour"!!

October 30, 31 & November 1 (The Final Weekend) - The Legendary Truth Website activates and LTR fans can participate in a nightly mission.

November 1 - The Last Laugh #HHN25 Social Media Meet Up brings Jacks Maniacs together for a big send off.


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