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Halloween Horror Nights 26 (2016)

Updated: Feb 6



2016 (HHN 26)


Halloween Horror Nights 26


Universal Studios


"You Won't Stand A Chance!"




Sept. 16 17 18 22 23 24 25 29 30

Oct. 1 2 6 7 8 9 12 13 14 15 16 19 20 21 22 23 26 27 28 29 30 31 Nov 4 5 (2016)

NOTE: HHN26 was extended! November 4th & 5th were added to the original event calendar!


6:30pm – 1am

6:30pm – 2am

Event operates rain or shine.


HHN 2016 On-Sale Date: June 9, 2016

General Admission Ticket: $104.99

HHN Express: $79.99 - $139.99

Rush of Fear: $91.99

Frequent Fear: $102.99

Frequent Fear Plus: $118.99

Rush of Fear + HHN Express: $299.99

Frequent Fear + HHN Express: $319.99

Frequent Fear Plus + HHN Express: $399.99

Ultimate FF Pass: $199.99

Ultimate FF + HHN Express: $599.99

FYI: The on-sale date for tickets for last year (2015) was: June 10, 2015.




House #1 Name: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

House Location: Sprung Tent 2

House Description: Experience every scene, every kill, every bone-chilling rev of the chainsaw from the original masterpiece.

House #2 Name: THE EXORCIST

House Location: Soundstage 22 (SS22)

House Description: At Universal Orlando Resort, guests will see, hear, feel – and even smell – every iconic levitating, head-spinning, vomit-wrenching, skin-crawling moment from the film. They’ll be paralyzed with fear as they witness the power of the supernatural, scream uncontrollably as they become part of Regan MacNeil’s possession and run in terror as they try to escape the horrific battle between innocence and evil.


House Location: Soundstage 24A (SS24A)

House Description: To make it through this apocalyptic house you’ll have to survive relentless threats from all around, from both the living and the dead. You’ll relive it all - from waking to find the world has been taken over by walkers, to the shocking conclusion of last season and all the terrifying suspense in between.

House #4 Name: Halloween - Hell Comes To Haddonfield

House Location: Parade Building (B79)

House Description: The iconic horror film sequel continues the story of masked killer, Michael Myers, as he stalks an entire town and relentlessly pursues his victims. Now, his focus turns to guests as Universal joins forces with Compass International Pictures to bring the haunting film’s most suspenseful and terrifying moments to life at Halloween Horror Nights.

House #5 Name: Krampus

House Location: Shrek Theater #2 (B-40)

House Description: The dead of winter sets the stage for the terror that’s about to unfold one cold, dank and dreary Christmas Eve as the fabled anthropomorphic "half-goat, half-demon" horned creature emerges to terrorize those devoid of holiday spirit. In scenes lifted from the film, guests will navigate the dysfunctional Engel family home to encounter the evil ancient spirit of Krampus – the dark shadow of Saint Nicholas – and his band of Dark Elves and sinister Gingerbread Men, who cause the family to fight to see the light of day.

House #6 Name: Ghost Town: The Curse of Lightning Gulch

House Location: Soundstage 24B (SS24B)

House Description: They came looking for gold. Instead they found death and destruction. Now their doomed souls seek others to join them. When lightning strikes, the curse of Lightning Gulch comes to life and this ghostly town appears. These doomed souls—who once went searching for gold—found death and destruction. And now they seek others to join them. As thunder cracks, flashes of lightning will lead your way through this treacherous wild west nightmare. Good luck!

House #7 Name: Tomb of the Ancients

House Location: Sprung Tent 1

House Description: Immortal beings of the ancient past have returned to rule mankind. Now they wait for someone foolish enough to disturb them. An ancient evil has surfaced and immortal beings from the past have returned to rule mankind. It was only a matter of time until “The Ancient Ones” were unearthed. Now these makers of chaos are loose from the pits of hell—and the whole world will pay.

House #8 Name: Lunatics Playground 3D - You Won't Stand A Chance

House Location: Men In Black (Rear Tent #3) (New House Location For 2016)

House Description: Step into Chance's realm where the lines between her twisted delusions and reality are continuously blurred. While Jack’s away, Chance has unleashed the horrors of her imagination. Her twisted delusions and reality are continuously blurred in a 3D playground of carnage. When the music box plays, the world shifts to her sinister theatre of the mind. But when the alarm starts ringing, Chance is thrown back into the brutal reality of her incarceration.

House #9 Name: American Horror Story

House Location: Soundstage 19

House Description: Guests will embark on a terrifying journey to become the next doomed residents of Murder House from Installment 1, tortured performers in the disturbing and twisted Freak Show from Installment 4, and victims of the otherworldly, death-dealing Hotel from Installment 5.

House #10 Name: The Repository

House Location: Soundstage 19

House Description: Additional UPCHARGE HOUSE! Required separated admission! A cutting-edge – and terrifying – interactive experience that will blend custom virtual reality technology with real-life characters and environments to create a whole new generation of psychological horror. The twisted minds behind Universal Orlando’s award-winning Halloween Horror Nights have combined forces with Universal Creative, the creators of award-winning theme park attractions, to produce a next-level, immersive theater experience that seamlessly bridges live action and virtual reality (VR). “The Repository” is an exclusive, limited-time attraction with an entirely unique storyline that will pave the way for even more brand new, best-in-class experiences across Universal Orlando Resort. “The Repository” will be available to guests during select Halloween Horror Nights events, beginning Sept. 29 and running through Oct. 31. Guests can upgrade their Halloween Horror Nights event ticket to become a part of the ultimate paranormal experience. This limited-time experience can be purchased for $49.99 plus tax and will be available for purchase by calling 407-224-7840. Halloween Horror Nights admission is also required. Universal Orlando Annual Passholders can purchase tickets beginning August 16. Tickets will be available to the general public beginning August 23.


Scare Zone #1 Name: Survive or Die: Apocalypse

Scare Zone Location: New York Streets

Scare Zone Description: A global catastrophe has ruined Earth’s atmosphere. One group of survivors secured a machine that provides clean air. The two other surviving groups are on the hunt to gain control of the machine and are recruiting new members to help them. You can either join them or feed their starving ranks. Which will you choose?

Scare Zone #2 Name: Lair of the Banshees

Scare Zone Location: Central Park

Scare Zone Description: Travel deep into the forest where evil spirits and horrific creatures of the ancient world roam free. Mother Nature’s magical barrier of vines has been torn away and the modern world has found the entrance to this corrupted grave.

Scare Zone #3 Name: Dead Man’s Wharf

Scare Zone Location: Disaster/San Francisco

Scare Zone Description: When a fishing vessel named Annabel Lee never returned to the harbor and was lost forever, the wharf was left uninhabited as a memorial to her. Now, a strange fog has rolled into the village. And the long-lost fishermen’s spirits seek to punish the town that left them.

Scare Zone #4 Name: Vamp '55

Scare Zone Location: Hollywood Boulevard

Scare Zone Description: Welcome to Hollywood High School’s 1955 Homecoming Parade. Everything is in place, until the greasers roll into town with fangs instead of switchblades. It’s a procession of chaos with vampires ready to take a bite out of anyone in sight.

Scare Zone #5 Name: Chance In Hell

Scare Zone Location: Plaza of the Stars/Shrek

Scare Zone Description: Get ready for the audition of a lifetime. Chance may be locked away, but that hasn’t stopped her. As the alarms ring and the bloody remains of those who tried to stop her lie around, she’s busy recruiting cellmates to join her biggest act yet.


"The evil genius of hosting the nation's premier Halloween event inside Universal Studios Florida is that if you survive the monster and mayhem, you'll make it to the rides. Climb aboard. Buckle up. Hang on tight and get ready, because we hand-picked these thrilling beasts to top off your terror with someone our favorite screams."


Prepare for the greatest battle you'll ever ride. The new TRANSFORMERS: The Ride–3D is an ultra-immersive, next generation thrill ride that blurs the line between fiction and reality.


Adrenaline pumping and music thumping, you'll start climbing straight up. A moment later, you'll be screaming down a high speed.


You'll plummet in total darkness, plagued by fireballs, swarms of beetles and an army of mummies on this roller coaster unlike anything that's come before it.


Board your training vehicle and take aim at "the scum of the universe" who have escaped from their intergalactic prison transport.


Ride along with The Simpsons™ as they fly, float, and crash their way through Krustyland, the low-budget theme park created by Krusty The Clown.

Harry Potter and the Escape From Gringotts™

Get ready for unforgettable thrills when you enter Gringotts™ bank and find yourself swept into a breathtaking, mind-blowing, 3D multi-dimensional ride!


The 25th Annual Bill & Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure

No Halloween Horror Nights would be complete without these “excellent” dudes! The Wyld Stallyns return with an all-new Halloween adventure. Party on as those two most excellent dudes return to skewer the biggest names in entertainment and pop culture.

Location: Fear Factor Live Stage

Academy of Villains: House of Fear

Join this high energy performance troupe of inmates in an explosion of insanity that will thrust you into a realm of mayhem and maniacal terror featuring dance and specialty acts. The Show Must Go On!

Location: Hollywood Stage/Mel's Diner Area


October 2015 - HHN 26 dates are announced. The 2016 event will run from September 16th to October 31st, 2016.

February 18, 2016 - HHN26 hotel packages, HHN vacation add-on tickets & vacation add-on Unmasking The Horror Tour tickets go on sale.

February 18, 2016 - HHN26 dates revealed in hotel and add-on ticket details. The event will run Sept. 16 17 18 22 23 24 25 29 30 and Oct. 1 2 6 7 8 9 12 13 14 15 16 19 20 21 22 23 26 27 28 29 30 31.

April 14, 2016 - The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is announced as the first haunted house of 2016!

April 26, 2016 - The Exorcist announced as a house at both Universal Orlando and Universal Studis Hollywood!

May 3, 2016 - The Walking Dead returns to HHN26!

June 9, 2016 - Chance is revealed as icon! Tickets go on sale.

July 7, 2016 - Halloween: Hell Comes To Haddonfield is announced for #HHN26!

August 4, 2016 - Krampus house announced!

AUgust 10, 2016 - Original mazes, scare zones & shows revealed.

August 12, 2016 - The Repository revealed.

August 16, 2016 - American Horror Story announced as house in Hollywood and Orlando.


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