The Universal Orlando Public Relations Department used creatively themed (often interactive) items to invite media outlets to the annual Opening Night Media Event. The invites usually arrived before Opening Night. The themed "media invite" would include information about how media outlets should RSVP to attend the annual Opening Night Media Event. No media teaser was delivered at the start of HHN 2014. Instead, the media teaser for 2014 arrived after the 2014 event and served to tease Jack's return for HHN 25. No media event teaser of any kind was distributed for HHN 2016 through HHN 2020.

HHN 2016 - HHN 2020

No Media Teasers Distributed

HHN 2015

Severed Arm with Cell Phone, Selfie Stick & USB Drive

The cell phone was active and contained pictures that followed the HHN 2015 storyline. The USB stick contained images and press releases.

HHN 2014

Envelope with USB Drive (Delivered post-event to tease the return of Jack for HHN 25.)

The wooden USB drive had shards of red/orange hair and a white thumbprint on it teasing Jack's return. A video on the drive was a "highlights" of #HHN24 video. It was interrupted by teases of Jack's return at the end.

HHN 2013

Wooden Box with Severed Head & USB Drive

This box still smells of Halloween Horror Nights! I keep it sealed in several bags! The USB drive embedded in the eye of the head held images and press release information.

HHN 2012

Burlap Sack w/ Skull (Surgery required to retrieve USB stick from brain.)

This media teaser SMELLS of HHN! I keep it sealed in several bags to retain that wonderful HHN smell! It smells of HHN soundstage houses! (The smell is a combination of Wood/Vines/Sawdust/Earth/Burlap/Dirt/HHN LOVE!) It included a letter and a burlap bag. The bag contained a flesh covered skull.

The skull is covered in a rubber skin & hair. You needed to peel the skin off the skull and open the skull! Inside you found a USB drive embedded in the brain! The USB drive included images & press release information.

HHN 2011

Box with Severed Hand and Lady Luck Card

The glossy black box included a realistic latex/rubber severed hand. The hand holds an invitation "playing card" and strands of Lady Lucks reddish hair. The #HHN21 playing cards were used for other promotions and advertising throughout the lead up to the event.

HHN 2010

Fear's XX Brand in Wooden Box

The wooden box was embellished with a burn in of "Universal Orlando Halloween Horror Nights XX". The wooden box slid open to reveal a letter, picture of FEAR, and a burlap wrapped item. The item was a branding iron with "XX" on the brand and "Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando Resort" carved into the the handle.

HHN 2006

Severed Hand Snow Globe with Letter

The snow globe is held by a severed hand. The hand is missing a finger. The severed finger floats inside the snow globe with red blood glitter. The embellishment on the globe reads "Halloween Horror Nights 16 Universal Orlando Resort". The blood splattered letter hints at the returning HHN icons.

HHN 2002

Caretaker's Coffin with Severed Hand and Watch

The black mini-coffin opens to reveal a severed hand. The severed hand is clutching an ornamental watch. The open watch reveals the Caretaker & the HHN Year on the watch face. The attached letter is a direct invite from the Caretaker to the HHN event.