Rumors About Universal Expansion!

It is no secret that Universal has purchased a large piece of land in the Orlando area. The land is being cleared and construction is progressing. Is the land reserved for offices? hotels? a 3rd park or "gate"? There are no official announcements as of this date! There are; however, several "rumors websites" that are reporting that Universal will be opening a 3rd amusement park on a portion the new property.

The rumored name of the new park is "Universal’s Fantastic Worlds". This is all conjecture at the present! There is no concrete (official) news that the park is REAL!

There are also rumors that the previously announced 'Nintendo World' may move from Universal Studios to the new park. We originally thought Nintendo World would replace KidsZone at Universal Studios! It changes EVERYTHING if Nintendo World will move to a new location! Please remember....everything about the new park/property is conjecture at this stage! We find it curious that there is no significant construction in KidsZone at the present time! Construction in this area would need to be WELL UNDERWAY if Nintendo World is on schedule for an opening at Universal Studios!

There is one rumor that caught our attention! WE CAN HAVE HIGH HOPES THAT THIS RUMOR IS REAL!!

It has been reported for quite some time that Universal would be creating a Classic Universal Monsters area in one of the parks. It seems that the initial planning for a 3rd Universal Orlando Park in Orlando indeed includes/included a Classic Universal Monsters area! The area is/was rumored to include attractions based on Dracula, Frankenstein, The Creature from the Black Lagoon, and more!

We're 100% in favor of seeing this "land" or "world" come to full realization! It would be wonderful to see the Classic Monsters represented in the parks on a scale larger than the Classic Monsters Cafe at Universal Studios!

This also hints that Universal would offer an area in a park that has a YEAR-ROUND haunt! It also raises a HUGE question!! Would Halloween Horror Nights MOVE to the 3rd gate because it would feature a year-round haunt and the Classic Monsters??? Could Universal be thinking about Halloween Horror Nights as they plan the new park??? Are they planning house locations, queues, show areas, and crowd control with a perspective on HHN?? The potential impact on Halloween Horror Nights is EXCITING!

What are your thoughts? Let Universal know! The Classic Monsters could be one of the first "pie-in-the-sky" ideas to be cut if they don't think there is a sufficient audience for the property!

Personally...I'd rather see the Classic Monsters over Fast & the Furious or Jason Bourne any day of the week!

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