#HHN30 Scarezone Construction: Seek and Destroy

Universal Orlando is in construction mode as the park prepares for the opening of Halloween Horror Nights 30 (2021). The scarezones are being populated with props and structures. Show venues are receiving signage. Pop-up themed food venues are appearing all over the park. The Tribute Store facade is up. A new shopping venue called the 'All Hallows Eve Boutique' has opened at Islands of Adventure.

Brad headed out to the parks this morning for a construction update to get you excited for Halloween Horror Nights 30!

Scarezone Name: Seek and Destroy

Scarezone Location: New York Streets

Scarezone Description:

In Seek and Destroy, guests will find themselves in a New York dystopia where a ruthless alien cyber regime, led by The Controller, has taken over – relentlessly scanning the city streets for humans and turning them into fuel. With the regime’s loyal followers hiding in the darkness endlessly hunting for new victims, guests must either join them or be destroyed.

Seek and Destroy Scarezone Construction