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The Universal Orlando Public Relations Department used creatively themed (often interactive) items to invite media outlets to the annual Opening Night Media Event. The invites usually arrived before Opening Night. The themed "media invite" would include information about how media outlets should RSVP to attend the annual Opening Night Media Event.


No media teaser was delivered at the start of HHN 2014. Instead, the media teaser for 2014 arrived after the 2014 event and served to tease Jack's return for HHN 25. No media event teaser of any kind was distributed for HHN 2016 through HHN 2019.

HHN 2022
HHN Influencer/Fan "Goodie Box"

Gallery Coming Soon!

HHN 2016 - HHN 2021
No Media Teaser Distributed

HHN 2015
Severed Arm with Cell Phone, Selfie Stick & USB Drive

HHN 2014
Envelope with USB Drive (Delivered post-event to tease the return of Jack for HHN 25.)

HHN 2013
Wooden Box with Severed Head & USB Drive

HHN 2012
Burlap Sack w/ Skull (Surgery required to retrieve USB stick from brain.)