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Halloween Horror Nights 27 (2017)

Updated: Feb 6



2017 (HHN 27)


Halloween Horror Nights 27 - Festival of the Deadliest


Universal Studios


"Your Soul Is Requested"

"The Best Nightmares Never End"




September 15, 16, 17, 21, 22, 23, 24, 29, 30

October 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31

November 3, 4 (2017)


6:30pm – 1am

6:30pm – 2am

Event operates rain or shine.


General Admission Ticket: $59.99-$85.99

HHN Express: $79.99-$139.99

Rush of Fear: $91.99

Rush of Fear + HHN Express: $299.99

Frequent Fear: $102.99

Rush of Fear + HHN Express: $339.99

Frequent Fear Plus: $118.99

Frequent Fear Plus + HHN Express: $399.99

Ultimate FF Pass: $199.99

Ultimate FF + HHN Express: $599.99

Ticket on-sale date for #HHN27 was June 7, 2017.




House #1 Name: American Horror Story: Volume 2

House Location: Soundstage 21 (SS21)

House Description: Experience three horrifying stories in one disturbing house as a deranged cast of characters seek not only your life, but your soul.

House #2 Name: The Shining

House Location: Soundstage 22 (SS22)

House Description: The visually intense psychological thriller is now the most terrifying haunted experience imaginable.

House #3 Name: SAW: The Games of Jigsaw

House Location: Shrek Theater #2

House Description: The traps are set. All that’s missing is you. The Jigsaw killer has returned to torment you with his twisted take on poetic justice.

House #4 Name: The Horrors of Blumhouse

House Location: Tent #3 MIB

House Description: From the minds behind Insidious, Sinister & the Purge comes to the Horrors of Blumhouse.

House #5 Name: Dead Waters

House Location: Soundstage 24A (SS24A)

House Description: Enter a pestilent swamp that oozes evil, the hellish realm of the Voodoo Queen. If you fail to escape, you’re in for a gut-wrenching sacrifice.

House #6 Name: The Fallen

House Location: Soundstage 24B (SS24B)

House Description: You’re about to be caught in the crossfire of the eternal war of light versus dark. No one will be safe.

House #7 Name: HIVE

House Location: Sprung Tent 2

House Description: The crumbling house on 19 Hemingway Lane harbors a nest of bloodthirsty vampires. If you awaken them, you will face a savage, bestial hunger.

House #8 Name: Scarecrow: The Reaping

House Location: Sprung Tent 1

House Description: At a long-sabandoned Depression-era farm, vengeance takes root, and the only harvest that will be reaped is you.

House #9 Name: Ash Vs. Evil Dead

House Location: Parade Building (B79)

House Description: You'll howl with terror and laughter as you witness Ash battle demons and deadites armed with his fueled chainsaw.


Scare Zone #1 Name: Altars of Horror

Scare Zone Location: Plaza of the Stars

Scare Zone Description: Enter the nexus of evil, where all the most fearsome characters and nefarious creatures from each of the Halloween Horror Nights™ haunted houses lie in wait.

Scare Zone #2 Name: Festival of the Deadliest

Scare Zone Location: Hollywood

Scare Zone Description: The dead are throwing a hell of a Hollywood party and you’re invited. Your spirit will fuel the frenzy of this ghoulish gathering.

Scare Zone #3 Name: Invasion!

Scare Zone Location: San Francisco

Scare Zone Description: The year is 1955, and a UFO has crashed onto the wharf. Their goal: to conduct experiments upon you to prepare to invade Earth.

Scare Zone #3 Name: The Purge

Scare Zone Location: New York

Scare Zone Description: The Purge has returned to Halloween Horror Nights™ and overrun New York. No one is safe. Be a part of a proud American tradition. United we purge.

Scare Zone #3 Name: Trick 'r Treat

Scare Zone Location: Central Park

Scare Zone Description: Break the rules. Pay the price. That’s the murderous moral of the five twisted stories in Trick ‘r Treat, a darkly hilarious tribute to Halloween.


Transformers: The Ride 3-D

Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit

Revenge of the Mummy

Men In Black Alien Attack

The Simpsons Ride

Harry Potter and the Escape From Gringotts


Bill & Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure (2017)

Location: Fear Factor Stage

After 26 years of Excellent Halloween Adventures, Bill and Ted are bringing their FAREWELL Tour to Halloween Horror Nights. (This is the final year of Bill & Ted as of 2017!)

Academy of Villains: Afterlife

Location: Mel's Drive-In Stage

Witness the intense and shocking dance performance of this world-class group of artists as you discover what happens after we leave this life.


"All our times will come, and yours is deadly close. In a few months, Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights 2017 will be upon us. Soon we’ll be able to revel in the terror with some of the vilest beings to ever walk the Earth with nine haunted houses, five scare zones and two live shows cut from the most twisted stories in horror history."

02-23-17 #HHN27 dates are official!

03-29-17 American Horror Story is announced! Coven, Asylum, & Roanoke will be featured. Some earlybird "flex" ticket options are available.

04-29-17 Permits begin to surface. Sprung tents are the first 2 permits.

05-19-17 The Shining is announced as a house property for both HHN Hollywood & Orlando.

06-07-17 Tickets available on an updated #HHN27 website. 9 Houses, 5 Scare Zones, & 2 Shows confirmed.

06-30-17 Soul Collectors social media revealed. Website gets a countdown to full reveal.

07-27-17 Ash vs Evil Dead announced as a house/maze in both Orlando & Hollywood.

08-03-017 Soul Collectors countdown clock ends. Sweepstakes and new wallpaper revealed.

08-12-17 Annual Passholder Nights for HHN27 revealed for 9/15, 9/16, 9/22 & 9/23.

08-14-17 SAW: The Games of Jigsaw announced as a house/maze in both Orlando & Hollywood.

08-15-17 The final Bill & Ted Show announced for #HHN27!

08-17-17 Scare zones and final show announced!

08-29-17 Horrors of Blumhouse house announced. The Purge, Sinister and Happy Death Day Featured at Universal Studios Hollywood. Insidious, Sinister and The Purge Featured at Universal Orlando Resort.

08-31-17 Four original houses announced. Website updated. Map & wait times section added.


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