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Blast From The Past: HHN 21 Media Promo

Updated: Feb 10

HHN21...It's all in the cards!

Today we're taking a look back at the Halloween Horror Nights 21 (2011) promotional items sent out to select media outlets.

Universal Orlando began reaching out to media outlets for #HHN21 by sending out a series of stylized promotional playing cards. Each card came in an envelope that was sealed with wax. The wax seal had the Halloween Horror Nights 21 spade emblem pressed into it.

The first 5 cards in the series each arrived separately in a small envelope during the weeks preceding the event. Each card featured a different quote related to luck . The cards arrived in increasingly tattered condition. The cards were also splattered with growing amounts of blood as the weeks progressed.


The 6th and final card arrived on Friday, September 16th. This was a week prior to opening night of Halloween Horror Nights 21. The arrival of the media package coincided with an update to the website that revealed images of the 'monstrous version' of Lady Luck. The final card; however, arrived with a bit of a twist! It did not arrive in a small envelope!

This final card came in a large glossy black gift box that was tied with a black bow. The recipient's name was on a gift tag. Upon opening the box, the recipient found a letter from Lady Luck.

It read:

He decided to take a chance. He thought the

odds were in his favor. He forgot that the house...That I always win.

Once he realized his fate, he froze. I could see his terror.

I craved it.

He tried to escape, he tried to fight back.

But that just made me...hungrier...

He begged for mercy, but it was too late. His luck ran out.

I can still hear his last cry for help...and taste the freshness of his blood...

Now I have my eyes set on you.

Will you take a chance and face me at Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights 21?'s all about choice.

But you've been warned...when I come calling, it's best not to ignore me.

-Lady Luck

After removing the letter & the tissue wrapping, the recipient discovered the final card in the clutches of a bloodied, severed hand! There was also a swatch of reddish-orange hair (from Lady Luck) in the clenched fist. The hand itself was attached to a black base. The round display base had the Halloween Horror Nights 21 logo embossed in red lettering.

The card was an invitation to the Halloween Horror Nights 21 Media Event on Friday, September 23, 2011. It included RSVP details.


The media promo campaign was implemented with a great deal of cleverness! Media outlets were engaged and buzz about the coming event was maintained throughout the pre-season.

The convention of using the playing cards and quotes tied into the overall event theme. The media outlet promo also tied into elements of the event website as playing cards appeared in a series of online games there as well. The online games kept the fan community invested in the developing theme & backstories of Lady Luck and her connection to each of the event's haunted houses.

The online games were activated on a weekly basis on the main website between August 4 and September 14th. There were single and multi-player games.

Here is a gallery of the playing cards that were revealed during game play.


We hope you enjoyed this look back at the media promo items from Halloween Horror Nights 21.

We have more to come about the #HHN21 website games & Lady's Luck's backstory/connection to each haunted house.

Stay tuned!!


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