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Universal Studios Hollywood HHN 2024 Event Information

Updated: 1 day ago

(Images: Universal Studios Hollywood)


The slate of offerings for Universal Studios Hollywood’s 2024 Halloween Horror Nights event is steadily being revealed!

Beginning Thursday, September 5 and running select nights through Sunday, November 3, guests will encounter eight all-new haunted houses, an onslaught of sinister scare zones and the iconic Terror Tram.

The 8 all-new haunted houses will include the following officially revealed houses:


Haunted House No. 1:

A Quiet Place

(Image: Universal Studios Hollywood)

“Guests will need to silence their screams when they enter the post-apocalyptic world of Paramount Pictures’ blockbuster movies, A Quiet Place and A Quiet Place Part II, in an all-new chilling haunted house at Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights.”

“Fans will relive the tension that will come to life in the iconic scenes from the first two films, including traveling through the farmhouse that serves as the Abbott family’s shelter and stepping into the root cellar where Evelyn Abbott escapes to give birth as one of the creatures closes in. The snarls of the larger-than-life predators will follow guests at every spine-chilling turn, and guests must remember: If they hear you, they will hunt you.”


Haunted House No. 2:

Dead Exposure: Death Valley

(Image: Universal Studios Hollywood)

“A secret lab’s attempts to create super soldiers takes a turn for the worse, creating radioactive zombies who escape just as you arrive!”


Haunted House No. 3:

Monstruos 2: The Nightmares of Latin America

(Image: Universal Studios Hollywood)

“You can try to flee the clutches of the rider El Charro, the devil dog El Cadejo and the boogeyman El Cucuy, but you can’t escape La Muerte.”


Haunted House No. 4:

Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire

(Image: Universal Studios Hollywood)

“Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire will transport fans of the film franchise to New York City where the Spengler family teams up with the original Ghostbusters who are now at the helm of a top-secret research lab for their ghost-busting enterprise. With the daunting discovery of an old relic that has set free the vengeful spirit of Garraka, who threatens to freeze everyone to death, Ghostbusters new and old must join forces to protect their city and save the world from a second Ice Age.


As guests venture through the haunted houses, they will find themselves in the sinister world of the supernatural, from Ray’s Occult Books shop to the Ghostbuster’s new high-tech lab and containment facility to the dank New York City sewer system. Fans will embark on this petrifying journey alongside the Ghostbusters, encountering iconic ghosts who slime and nefarious villains who are out for revenge – all while trying to escape an army of ghastly creatures bent on cracking bones and turning their veins into rivers of ice. As they navigate their way through freezing and frightening conditions, the Ghostbusters will need their wit and humor to defend the city they love from a terror too chilling to believe.”


Haunted House No. 5:

Insidious: The Further

(Image: Universal Studios Hollywood)

In the all-new Halloween Horror Nights haunted house, guests will follow in the footsteps of the Lamberts, encountering familiar settings and scares as they are transported directly into “The Further” – the ethereal place where ghosts and demons lurk. And just like in the films, guests will quickly learn that the paranormal creatures are here to stay…

Guests’ journey into “Insidious: The Further” begins as they step through the iconic red door, where many of the tormented spirits and demons from the franchise await – determined to ensnare humans and steal their souls. Fans will come face-to-face with The Red-Faced Demon, who will attempt to lure them into his lair; the grim KeyFace, hoping to lock his victims in this dark dimension; the ghastly and dangerous Bride in Black; and the vengeful spirit of the Man Who Can’t Breathe. As guests make their way through the haunted house, they’ll go from red door to red door – traveling deeper into a dark and timeless astral world where they must evade this collection of sinister creatures at every spine-chilling turn, or their souls will be trapped here…forever.

3 More Haunted Houses Are Yet To Be Revealed!

More details about the 3 additional haunted houses, the scare zones, entertainment offerings, food & beverage options, themed merchandise, and the full Terror Tram details will be revealed in the coming weeks!

(Image: Universal Studios Hollywood)


Horror fans and movie buffs can now plan their visit to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood as all tickets are available for purchase.


A variety of Halloween Horror Nights ticket options are available for purchase for the Universal Studios Hollywood event. The ticket options include:


HHN General Admission

One night/date specific ticket to HHN.

(Save up to $40 on select nights when you buy online.)

Starting at $77.00 + Tax


HHN Universal Express

Includes one night event admission & one-time (per day) express access to each participating haunted house/ride/attraction.

Starting at $209.00 + Tax


HHN Universal Express Unlimited

Includes one night event admission & UNLIMITED express access (per day) to each participating haunted house, ride, attraction.

Starting at $259.00 + Tax


After 2 P.M. Studios Day/HHN Night

Get daytime General Admission to the Park after 2 pm & a night of terror the same date. Plus, enjoy same-day access to SUPER NINTENDO WORLD™ from 7–10 pm as well as early event access to select haunted houses starting at 5:30 pm (both subject to change). Restrictions apply.

Starting at $117.00 + Tax


HHN Early Access Ticket Add-On

Provides access to select haunted houses beginning at 5:30 p.m. (subject to change), in advance of the scheduled 7:00 p.m. event opening time.

Starting at $10.00 + Tax

(Separate HHN admission ticket required.)


HHN Premium R.I.P. Tour

Exclusive guided VIP tour, Unlimited Universal Express access, & more!

Starting at $389.00 + Tax


Frequent Fear HHN Pass

Experience up to 33 nights (based on selected first date during purchase) of General Admission to this year's Halloween Horror Nights with the freedom to come back again and again, select nights in Sept. through Nov. Ticket does not include early event access or express access.

Starting at $209.00 + Tax


Ultimate Fear HHN Pass

Experience every event night (based on selected first date during purchase) with the freedom to come back again and again. Ticket does not include early event access or express access.

Starting at $329.00 + Tax

Click here to purchase tickets, to learn more about each ticket type, and for ticketing Terms and Conditions.



You can ‘Stay and Scream’ with a Halloween Horror Nights Vacation Package at Universal Studios Hollywood. A sample package includes one daytime General Admission ticket, one General Admission Halloween Horror Nights event ticket and accommodations at a Universal Partner Hotel.

Click here for vacation packages, plus Terms and Conditions. Universal Studios Hollywood Vacation Packages are sold by Universal Parks & Resorts Vacations.

Additional details will be revealed soon. For more information about Universal Studios Hollywood’s event you can visit



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