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#HHN2023 Behind The Scenes: Dueling Dragons - Choose Thy Fate

Check out some behind-the-scenes images of the INCREDIBLE set design and set decoration in the "Dueling Dragons - Choose Thy Fate" haunted house at Universal Orlando Resort's Halloween Horror Nights #HHN2023.

Step inside Soundstage 24A with the lights on and you'll see an epic example of how Universal sets itself apart when creating immersive realms within the Halloween Horror Nights haunted houses.

The story of "Dueling Dragons: Choose Thy Fate" is based on the Dueling Dragons rollercoaster/queue and the old Enchanted Oak Tavern/Restaurant that were replaced by Harry Potter in Islands of Adventure.

"The great wizard Merlyn has been transformed into the Enchanted Oak, leaving a power vacuum. When two powerful warlocks invade his castle to steal his spell book, they are turned into dragons of fire and ice. Now guests are caught in the middle of their battle and are forced to choose a path and a victor. But beware, one never knows who will win in “Dueling Dragons: Choose Thy Fate.”


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